SpaGuard Total Alkalinity Increaser 2lb


SpaGuard’s Total Alkalinity Increaser provides spa owners with a simple, effective treatment to combat too low spa alkalinity, which if left untreated can cause corrosion damage, weaken your sanitizers ability to keep your spa clean, and cause skin and eye irritation. Total Alkalinity Increaser’s formula reverses these affects, as well as stabilizing your spas pH level to prevent pH bounce that can give spa owners headaches. Once applied, you can spend more time enjoying you spa rather than maintaining it.


  1. Use container cap as convenient measure.
  2. Use an accurate test method to determine alkalinity of water.
  3. Using rest results determine the required amount of SpaGuard Total Alkalinity Increaser needed to adjust the alkalinity to maintain a reading of 150 ppm.
  4. With pump running on high speed, pour the required amount directly into spa water and continue running pump for 30 minutes.


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