Natural Chemistry Pool Magic + Phosfree 1L


Natural Chemistry’s Pool Magic Spring and Fall + PhosFree gives pool owners with a treatment designed to make opening and closing their pool much simpler and easier, along with adding PhosFree to eliminate any phosphates in your water. Utilizing natural enzymes that stabilize pool water through the winter, it eliminates much of the prep work commonly involved during pool opening, and virtually eliminates the formation of water rings, stains, while protecting pool liners and finishes. This treatment also makes acid washing unnecessary, saving you time and money.


New Pools, Openings and Initial Phosphate Removal:

Follow dealer instructions to fill (if new pool), balance water chemistry and sanitize. Shake well and use entire bottle for pools up to 25,000 gallons (95,000L). Add to skimmer with filter running. Operate pool normally for 2 weeks. Then, backwash/clean filter, and begin regular weekly maintenance with Pool Perfect + Phosfree. Test Phosphate levels to ensure levels are near zero. Continue with Pool Perfect+Phosfree on a weekly basis.

End of Season:

Add prior to closing pool. Shake well and add entire bottle contents to skimmer (1-1L bottle treats up to 25,000 gallons). Close pool normally.

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