Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid 2L


Natural Chemistry’s Pool First Aid gives pool owners a powerful, all-natural treatment to remove dead algae, pollen, antifreeze residue, non-living organic waste, and any oil leaks or hydraulic fluid spills that have contaminated your pool. Using strong natural enzymes, Pool First Aid’s no-scrubbing formula clears pool water of contaminants as well as restoring clogged filter systems back to efficient operation, all without needing harsh chemicals for effectiveness.


  1. Broadcast Pool First Aid around the surface of the pool.
  2. Also apply directly to water line to quickly remove any existing water line build-up.
  3. Do not use within 2 hours before or after shocking.
  4. This product can be used every 2 days until the pool is crystal clear.

If water temperature is below 70 degrees, Pool First Aid will work more slowly, so allow more time for results.


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