Amerse Spa Kit featuring Frog Serene


Kit Includes: Frog Serene Floating System (1 Mineral & 1 Bromine Cartridge – Frog Jump Start & Frog Pool & Spa Test Strips) – Amerse Shock Oxidizer – Amerse pH & Alkalinity Increase – Amerse pH & Alkalinity Decrease.

The FROG Serene (formerly known as Spa Frog) Floating System enhances a standard hot tub up to 600 gallons with its patented delivery of minerals and a low dose of bromine. This hot tub Fresh Mineral Water® system eliminates the need for daily maintenance & chlorination, improves water quality and removes the unmistakable smell of chlorine, all the while reducing bromine use and enhancing your hot tub water quality. Simply snap the pre-filled Frog Serene Mineral & Frog Serene Bromine cartridges into the reusable floating holder, sit back, relax and enjoy your hot tub.

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