BurnOut 73 - 12# Case

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BioGuard Burnout 73 Shock

BioGuard Burnout 73 Shock is a superchlorinator for swimming pools. With the highest percentage of calcium hypochlorite of all the BioGuard shocks this one bag treats 16,500 gallons of water making it one of the strongest shocks on the market. Burnout 73 will effectively reduce organic contamination in swimming pool water resulting in increased water clarity.

Destroying organic contaminants* from the environment and bathers is important. Shocking your pool water is a needed step for proper pool maintenance. Shocks or oxidizers chemically destroy organic contaminants, remove combined chlorine and help restore water clarity. This is the second step of the BioGuard TruBlue Promise Program.

Isn’t shocking just for when your water has a problem? No! Shocking should be part of your pool maintenance. While it does help with troubleshooting, when part of a routine it removes contaminants that cause cloudy water and helps keep the water crystal clear and sparkling.


  • Step 2 of the BioGuard TruBlue Promise Program
  • Quick-dissolving granular chlorine shock
  • Safe for use in all pool types
  • Restores sparkle and clarity to pool water
  • Can be used with the 3-Step or Once-A-Week BioGuard Care System
  • Dosing: 1 lb (diluted) per 16,500 gallons of water
  • Dissolve 1 lb bag in at least 5 gallons of water in plastic bucket
  • Note: Do not add water to shock, add shock to water
  • Stir with clean plastic or wooden spoon
  • Pour evenly into deep end of pool when not in use
  • Circulate with pump for 6-8 hours

*such as perspiration, suntan lotions, hair sprays, body oils, urine, pet dander, and cosmetics.