Bioguard Stabilizer 100 - 1.75# Bottle

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Stabilizer 100 is used to prevent free chlorine residual loss in swimming pool water due to sunlight. Protecting your free chlorine from sunlight reduces chlorine consumption and maintenance costs.

  • Prevents chlorine loss due to sunlight
  • Reduces chlorine consumption and maintenance costs
  • Improves efficiency of chlorine generators
  • 100% cyanuric acid
  1. Clean or backwash filter before adding this product.
  2. Broadcast 1 lb. of Stabilizer 100 per 3,000 gallons directly to the pool with the pump running. Brush up any undissolved product. For pools with plastic piping, Stabilizer 100 can be added VERY SLOWLY through the skimmer with the pump running. Circulate continuously for at least 24 hours. DO NOT BACKWASH FOR 48 HOURS IF ADDED THROUGH SKIMMER. When the product reaches the filter, there may be a temporary increase in filter pressure which will dissipate as the product dissolves.
  3. You may swim immediately if Stabilizer was added through the skimmer, otherwise wait 12 hours to swim until all product in the pool is dissolved. For pools with bleachable surfaces, such as colored plaster or vinyl, do not allow product to sit on the bottom of the pool. Brush up undissolved product, or predissolve before application.